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January 31, 2019
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Event Details

Come join us in a night time event to celebrate the Chinese Lantern Festival! There will be an abundance of food and games for all ages, DIY lantern classes as well as free fireworks for everyone to enjoy. We look forward to seeing you lighting up lanterns at our event!

Map of the event location


Illustration of several rice dumplings in a bowl

Food & Games (5pm-12am)

Walk around in our makeshift nightmarket full of traditional food that are popular during the festival. We’ve also got some lantern riddles for you to solve, amazing prizes awaits!
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Illustration of three Chinese paper lanterns

Diy Paper Laterns (7pm-11pm)

Learn how to make your very own Chinese Paper Lanterns to bring home with you after the festival. All classes are taught by expert lantern makers from Taiwan! You also get to create your sky lanterns released later on in the event.
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Illustration of fireworks

Fireworks (11pm)

As a way to wrap up an eventful night, please enjoy the free fireworks planned out by our team! We hope you will be able to see the lantern designs we carefully created using the fireworks.
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Illustration of 2 sky lanterns

Sky Lantern Release (12am)

If you wish to stick around after the fireworks and release the sky lanterns you’ve created, please stay until midnight where we will gather everyone on to the grass and let our lanterns free into the night simultaneously. Don’t forget to make a wish!
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This ticket will get you unlimited access to everything: food, games, fireworks and of course, lantern making!
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This ticket will get you access to all the food we’ve got to offer! Remenber to chew carefully though, the rice dumplings are choke hazards...



This ticket will get you access to all the game stalls we have in the nightmarket. Solve those riddles and get those prizes before anyone else!



This ticket will get you an indepth lesson on how to make a traditional Chinese lantern. Make sure to take advantage of your teachers’ knowledges!


Any Questions?

Feel free to send us a message if you’ve got any questions about our event, we’ll be happy to answer them! Below are more ways to get in touch with us.

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