Manage your time with a twist!

Project Information

Group Members
Lara Calucag and Ngoc Dao

In a group of three, we were tasked to come up with a smart object (IoT/Internet of Things) idea and create a companion app. We focused our target audience on people we are most familiar with: post-secondary students, and we came up with a smart timer that uses the Pomodoro Technique to help users stay focused for longer without feeling burnt out.

Project Details

Oct. 2019 – Dec. 2019

UX & UI design • Illustrations • Motion Design • Prototyping • Key Note

Figma • Illustrator • AfterEffects • Procreate

Our Approach

The problem many students are feeling burnt out, distracted and unmotivated because of their commitments, and not knowing where their
time is going.

The Solution UMO is a smart timer that acts as your personal study buddy and helps you focus, complete tasks efficiently and manage your time with fewer distractions.


The Mockups



This video showcases the short onboarding process of what UMO can do, how to connect and personalize UMO.


This video demonstrates how to tag sessions, shows what the dashboard displays and views how the users are spending their time in greater details.


Customizing the ambience is one of the main features of UMO. In this screen, the user is able to preview study sounds and change the colour of the lighting.


This screen illustrates more detailed data visualizations of the sessions the user has completed and tagged. This provides more insights on when the user is most productive and other helpful statistics.

UMO Website

We also created a prototype of a promotional website of the smart device, check out the video down below!

Reflections &
Next Steps

This was the first group design project I had after starting university, and it was such a great experience! I got paired up with extremely talented and reliable group members: Lara Calucag and Ngoc Dao, and I learned the importance of good teamwork.

Because we all brainstormed initial ideas together and we were all able to agree on an idea and move forward with it, it really made the rest of the project a lot easier.  Everyone is so organized and have the initiative to voice out opinions that it was a really comfortable environment to work in. This also resulted in our final deliverables being something we are all extremely proud of.

Moving forward with this project, I really want to take it a step further to try and make UMO as close to reality as possible. This means refining the website prototype, the promotional video and maybe the packaging UMO would come in.

Additionally, in our practice run for the final presentation, I was in charge of creating a short animation as our promo video. Unfortunately, since it was my first time using AfterEffects, the video isn't as great as I imagined. But it did fuel my passion for motion design, and I'll be welcoming any future opportunities to learn more about animation.

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