Redesigning the packaging for a traditional Taiwanese snack.

Project Information

Growing up in Taiwan, I've had my fair share of a variety of pineapple cakes from different parts of the island. I always found most of the packaging available to be outdated and unappealing. So I used this project as an opportunity to showcase my view of the Taiwanese culture through illustrations, as well as highlight stories of pineapple cakes' history and how they are produced.

Project Details

Sept 2020. – Dec. 2020

Research • Design Thinking  • Package Design • Illustrations • Printing

Illustrator • Affinity Designer • Procreate • Photoshop

The Package


Reflections &
Next Steps

This project was incredibly fun to work on but also quite challenging during a pandemic. Taking a print-focus course during an online-only semester was a unique obstacle to overcome. There were definitely some areas I wish I could improve on, but even with the mental drain from staying inside all day, I am still extremely satisfied and proud of the final prints!

More than ever before, making illustrations the main focal point for my projects brings me joy as I believe my drawings are one of my main strengths as a designer. This project has allowed me to give not only the final product a personalized touch but the entire process while working on this project.

I also want to highlight how incredibly grateful I am for my packaging professor, Albert Ng, who patiently gave me detailed feedback after zoom lectures and even directed a photoshoot over a video call when I struggled to take decent photos. He always gave helpful critiques but never pushed to implement specific changes. He is also honest and does not sugar-coat his comments which I appreciated.

If I had more time for this project, I would like to reprint the main container as there are misalignments when printing double-sided on a wide-format printer. I also want to take more photos with a variety of backgrounds because I really struggled with the final photoshoot and I am still not satisfied with these pictures. Furthermore, I would try shooting a video or making gifs as Albert has suggested, this would definitely elevate my project to another level.

While I'm not yet satisfied with the final photos, I'm quite proud of the overall sunberry design. This project is a great learning experience, and I'm glad to know I still enjoy print-based design.

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