A collection of projects for Papaya Reusables.

Project Information

Papaya Reusables is a female-founded small business based in Toronto (but currently only ships in the US). The company sells reusable paper towels that are incredibly environmentally friendly, 100% compostable and beautifully designed. We aim to look amazing while protecting our planet.

As the lead graphic designer in an agile team of 7, including the 2 co-founders, I had the pleasure of executing many successful projects which are showcased below.

Project Details

Jan. 2023 – Present

Web Design • Prototyping • Package Design • Print Collateral • E-mail Design • Branding • Illustrations • Social Content Design

Figma • Illustrator • Procreate • AfterEffects • Affinity Designer • InShot

The Papaya Quiz

Mobile & Web Design • UI & UX • Illustrations

The Problem 

We're looking for an easy solution to help customers who might know a little about our product and want to customize their bundle, but don't feel confident enough to have full control over every aspect of the subscription.

The Solution

A simple 3-step quiz that helps determine towel quantity, towel designs and subscription frequency for the user, allowing potential customers to effortlessly create a personalized bundle.

Website Hero Updates

The Valentine's day hero image was one of the first tasks I worked on, it was a challenge to get the co-founders onboard with drastically changing up the hero because they wanted to stick to what works. However, with the new solids collection a month later, I had more creative control and was able to suggest a new animated design.

Email Designs

It's always a struggle to balance between providing enough content to make sense, not losing the viewer with long-winded explanations and maintaining enough interest until the CTA. We achieve this with a clean design while adding custom illustrations to engage the viewers. My designs have double to triple the revenue in comparison to similar emails sent out before I joined the team.


Collection of custom illustrations I've made for different projects.

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