Mini Do Kids Cafe

A collection of playful projects for Mini Do Kids Cafe. 

Project Information

Mini Do Kids Cafe is a combination of restaurant and a spacious indoor playground for parents to bring their children for learning, playing and eating.

While I was originally hired as a server back in 2020, I was also given the opportunity to work with the owner to design and illustrate a variety of projects throughout the year in order to promote the cafe.

Disclaimer: Mini Do's branding was created by another design agency pior to me taking on this freelance opportunity. 

Project Details

Aug. 2020 – Aug. 2021

Visual Design • Animation • Illustrations

Illustrator • Procreate • Affinity Designer • AfterEffects

Mini Do Menus

The menu designs were the most important and longest-lasting project I created for Mini Do. The design started off simple, clean and to the point. Then it slowly incorporated more illustrations as the menu items decreased.

Instagram Illustrations

A small selection of illustrations created for Mini Do's Instagram account.

Illustrated Cafe Posters

 A collection of illustrated posters to show off different sections of the cafe.

Miscellaneous Flyers & Posters

Birthday Cards

One of the first projects I completed for the cafe was a series of birthday invitation templates which are offered to customers who wants to book private birthday parties at Mini Do.

Since the target audience is children, I chose to use Mali (a handwritten font that's very round and pure-looking) as the main font throughout my designs. I also created small illustrated elements (confetti, banner, numbers) to add to the handmade vibe of these invitations.

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