Light it up

A responsive event website of a fictional Lantern Festival.

Project Information

I coded a responsive one-page website for a fictional event called Light it Up. It's a Chinese New Year celebration revolving around the theme of lanterns. The site provides event details, ticket pricing and a contact form for convenient communications. It's designed for laptops, tablets and phones.

Project Details

Sept. – Oct. 2016

HTML & CSS | Javascript | Wireframes | UX & UI design | Illustrations

Illustrator | Brackets

My Approach

At the time, I was really into lantern designs and I wanted to incorporate that with Chinese New Year celebration for my fictional event. (I also later found out, there's an event that already exists with a very similar name...)

The illustration sheet on the right are all the assets I created for this project.


The Previews


Reflections &
Next Steps

Time management was a huge challenge for me throughout this project. It was the first time I'm experiencing a full course load and I got sick a few days into the project. I was also super ambitious with what I wanted to do (parallax scrolling, gradient backgrounds, etc.) that I had to learn to simplify and cut back on my ideas so that I could hand in my project on time.

With limited time on my hands, I discovered that I am able to easly learn and apply simple coding techniques (e.g. smooth scrolling & hamburger menu transitions) with the help of YouTube tutorials.

To take this project even further, I would first refine the current illustrations and add more graphics to the different ticket tiers for more differentiation and engagement with the viewers. I'd also give parallax scroll another try so I can make the site look even more like the night skies.

The Process

Here's the process book I created for this project. You can also find a pdf version here.

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