So, you want a dog?

Learning the significance of a dog owner's responsibilities.

Project Information

As the only child in a small family, I've always begged my parents for a dog with every chance I get. Sadly, my parents still have not agreed (yet) in the decade and a half since I began asking. So, I incorporated my passion and love for pets into this information design project and created a pamphlet that educates myself and potential pet owners the responsibilities of having a dog to avoid contributing to pet overpopulation.

Project Details

Sept. 2019 – Nov. 2019

Research • Information Design • Illustrations

Illustrator • Affinity Designer • AdobeXD • Premiere

The Pamphlet


The Website

I also created a prototype for an accompanying digital piece that provides the same information, but it also includes a fun little quiz that helps interested viewers find out which dog breed would best suit their personalities and lifestyles.

The quiz information is borrowed from AKC's dog breed selector.

Reflections &
Next Steps

I had a lot of trouble coming up with the content and how I'd lay out my information on the pamphlet, so I didn't have a lot done until a week before the project was due. However, thanks to my struggles through this project, I discovered that I could create illustrations fairly quickly. I came up with the colour palette, illustration style, data visualization types and completed all the images within a week before the project was due... Maybe I shouldn't be, but I'm pretty proud of this fact.

In the future, I would like to add a poster design that maps out the different kinds of dog breeds which allows the viewer find out which breed would fit their preferences all from the same pamphlet.

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